Counselling Code: 510

Extension Activity Centre


The Extension Activities Centre aims to transform the students into dynamic and socially responsible personalities. Extension activities are particularly focused on the four areas viz, food, energy, water, environment and health care relevant to the societal needs.

  • To understand the need of the society in the vicinity of the College.
  • To execute programs to address the needs in the society through student community, sensitizing students about their social responsibility.
  • To help develop social commitment and to expose the students to get sensitized to social realities and to build a link between the student community and the wider community.
  • To enhance the social interaction, interpersonal communication skills and develop emotional maturity of students.
  • To prepare the students for future life, by developing qualities such as cooperation, team spirit, leadership, discipline and development of creative talents.
  • To boost the self-confidence of students.
  • To help students in total and integrated personality development.
Extension Activity Centre Members
Name Designation Position
Dr. PV Prabha Director Chairperson
Dr. Brinda N Professor Convener
Mrs. Shalini D Assistant Professor Member
Mrs. Jayaprada P Assistant Professor Member
Aravind.B Student Student Member
Lakshmanan PL Student Student Member