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Innovation Activity

Innovation Activity

In this era of a rapidly changing, dynamic, globalized business environment preparing young minds with an innovative approach to problem-solving is the best way for National development.

Keeping this in view, the institution through its Entrepreneurship Development Cell nurtures the students as prospective future entrepreneurs. To kindle the quest for identifying new problems and derive innovative, affordable solutions, the innovation ecosystem is reinforced by establishing the Government recognized ‘Institution’s Innovation Council’ in the year 2022.

The Institution’s Innovation Council with Entrepreneurship Development Cell serves the above purpose through,
  • Imparting entrepreneurship development training to instill entrepreneurial skills
  • Enabling entrepreneur interaction to encourage future student entrepreneurs
  • Handholding in ideation and incubation of student startups

These objectives are enabled through a structured program as detailed below.

Entrepreneurship Development training program

Programs on Idea generation, Opportunity evaluation, Evaluating Business ideas, Back envelope calculation, Business model canvas, Basics of finance, Source of finance, 50 rupees exercise, Elements of B-Plan, Executive summary of B-Plan, etc…are planned and executed by the faculty members.

The outcome of this program is to equip students with reasonable knowledge and skills to become successful entrepreneurs.

Guidance to students for innovative business plans

Faculty Mentors guide their Mentees to develop and present innovative business plans consistent with competitive environment, at Management Meets organized by other colleges.

Business Plan contests are conducted regularly by the Institute and Coimbatore Management Association’s Student Chapter to the students of the region.

The outcome of this activity enables students to be clear, confident and competitive in giving shape to their business ideas.

Entrepreneur Interaction

Counseling/Guidance for Students in Entrepreneurship is provided by practicing entrepreneurs.

Successful Alumni come to the campus and share their success stories to inspire students as entrepreneurs.

Every year Coimbatore Management Association’s Student Chapter conducts the event ‘Brands of Coimbatore’ in which successful entrepreneurs participate to share the ups and downs of their entrepreneurial journey with students.

Coimbatore Management Association’s Student Chapter organizes the program ‘Business Partnership beyond families’ that gives more insights on business partnerships and alliances.

This activity enables students to understand the opportunities and practical challenges to be faced during their entrepreneurial journey and prepare themselves better.

To ensure fruitful outcomes in this endeavor, the institution has joined hands with various organizations for extending support with their expertise, facilities, and resources through Guest lectures, Workshops, Internships, Projects, Sharing entrepreneurial journeys, etc.

The institution has earmarked space for startups by alumni, students, and outsiders to come on board in this Innovative ecosystem to motivate students.

The institution also encourages students to incubate their innovative ideas with seed capital.

In addition, faculty members also are encouraged to make publications in journals, conduct research/consultancy to industry, and share their knowledge/expertise.

Coimbatore, is an entrepreneurial city, with an innovative ecosystem inside and outside the campus, our students are in the right place to hone their entrepreneurial skills and be successful future entrepreneurs.