Counselling Code: 510

Minority Cell


Minority cell is committed to provide an environment that supports diversity, respect everyone regardless of religious belief, ensure protection of everyone including minorities and act as per the provisions of constitution of India in such matters.

  • To ensure provisions for an environment where all such students feel safe and secure.
  • To handle the issues and meet short and long-term needs of the minorities.
  • To help students belonging to minority religion including Christian, Muslim, Jain, Buddhists etc. for their academic and equity development without any discrimination.
Minority Cell Members
Name Designation Position
Dr. PV Prabha Director Chairperson
Dr. Nirubarani J Professor Convener
Mr. Damodaran K Associate Professor Member
Ms. Jamunapriya R Assistant Professor Member
Uzama Mohamed SB Student Student Member
Nibin Joseph Student Student Member