Counselling Code: 510

Sports Committee


As the saying goes that ‘A Healthy Mind owes A Healthy Body, the sports committee is to encourage and organize sports for the students so that they can keep themselves physically fit, inculcate a sportive mind, develop qualities like leadership, team spirit, competitiveness in students.

  • To encourage and enhance the interest of the participants in the field of sports.
  • To enable opportunities for bringing out the inherent qualities and better them through sports.
  • To inculcate sportsmanship spirit in students..
  • To prepare action plan for the year and execute with maximum participation.
  • To organize intra-college competitions at college level.
  • Maintain the record of the events conducted, students’ participation, budget and compile for submission, as and when required.
Sports Committee Members
Name Designation Position
Dr. PV Prabha Director Chairperson
Dr. V Ponnaruselvan Physical Director Convener
Mr. S.Viswanthan Associate Professor Member
Ms. G.Ramyakrishna Assistant Professor Member
S .Balraj Student Student Member
T.Sasi Kumar Student Student Member