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ILMS at RVS Institute of Management Studies – Library Automation
  • Our library is enabled with AutoLib – Advance Edition Software System. AutoLib is a popular and advanced ILMS providing quality service to the users. AutoLib software is a fully integrated, versatile, user friendly, cost effective software. It is web enabled for Intranet and Internet environments, incorporates the latest IT tools & techniques adhering to international standards which is fast and secure.
  • The details on sourcing technology, circulation, subscription to e-resources and usage of library are as below
Sourcing Technology

Library using AutoLib-Advance Edition for library automation has implemented bar-coded scanning. All the books are bar coded and bar laser scanner is used in circulation counter for book transaction. The searching, systematic shelving and circulation of books and journals are made easier by bar code technology after entering the details of the books / journals in the database, bar code are printed on the adhesive labels according to the accession number of the book/journal. User id contains the bar coded library reference number of the staff and students.


This module takes care of all possible functions of circulation. Major functions of the circulation module: Membership, Transaction, Overdue charges, Reminder, Search status, Maintenance of the items such as binding, lost, replace, missing, withdrawal, etc. and Report generation based on the various requirements.

Subscription to e-resources
  • The college library has various institutional memberships for resources and e-journals.
  • The institute has membership in National Digital Library of India (NDLI).
  • There is an exclusive Digital library with WiFi connectivity. Direct access to the paid online DELNET e-journals is available to the users.
  • The library has NPTEL video courses, SWAYAM portal and e-learning resources initiated by the government of India.
  • The library can be accessed via
Usage of Library

We can generate and print more numbers of reports like book issued and returned reports categorized by accession number, author, subject, department, publisher and title. Monthly reports and yearly reports facility are also available in the library management system. The module records an average of 40 and above users per day.

The institute always strives to provide the latest and best collection of books, journals, online resources to students & faculty members.

OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)

An online public access catalogue (OPAC) is an online database of materials for a user’s search a library catalogue principally to locate books and other material available at a library.

The barcode scanner in circulation system is most successful due to its speed, accuracy and reliability. The barcode environment, when a student or staff goes to the circulation counter, the counter staff scans his/her identity card and activates the borrowing status

Database Management

The College library follows the open Access System, and the Reference books follow the Closed Access system. Books are classified according to department wise and subject wise and are placed on the stacks. Books are cataloguing in Dewey decimal classification.

Total Seating Capacity of the Library: 60

Library Working Hours

S.NO Description Working Hours
1 On Working Days 8.30 AM To 5.30 PM

Availability of sign board, Yes/No: Yes

Availability of Notice board, Yes/No: Yes

Availability of Fire Extinguisher, Yes/No: Yes

Facilities Available in Library

No. of desktop : 14

Bar Code Printer : 01

Bar Code Scanner : 04

Photocopy Machine : 01

Internet Bandwidth : 100 Mbps